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Over 25 years ago, Lindsay Hargrave set out on a mission to make the perfect Southside!  He started dabbling in his kitchen; his friends were the professional "test testers".  After several years of experimentation, Lindsay hit the mark and began bottling and selling his mix to friends. Word spread and he began selling his concoction to local liquor stores and country clubs in Baltimore.  

The Southside is a premier choice for a spring and summer cocktail.   Whether you are at a horse race, pool side or hosting a big event, this beverage will delight your senses. However, a big discovery was made recently while visiting a distillery in Philadelphia. Pairing the mix with rye makes this an exceptional beverage. The complexity of the drink changes making it a year round cocktail. 

Pick up a bottle today and pair it with your favorite spirit.  Suggested spirits include Mt. Gay Rum, Vodka and Rye.  

Hosting a large event?  Contact us for a bulk order.  Lindsay's Southside is the perfect signature drink for any party. 

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